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“We begin from wholeness, we proceed from wholeness, we return to wholeness”


You are whole.
You are not broken.  You do not need fixing.
You do not need to be flexible.  You do not need to lose weight.  You do not need to [insert any fairytale Disney storyline].  I will remind you of your wholeness. Whether it’s in the context of a yoga session, or training on the gym floor, you’ll begin to explore how it is to move from the inside out.
From your wholeness.


Hello wonderful humans, I’m so glad you have landed in this space.

If you are seeking a yoga teacher or personal trainer who teaches through the lens of kindness then you are in the right place.

The human body has always intrigued me.  Curious about understanding how it functions, how it moves, and how to best support it in a way that is kind.  A way that is sustainable long term.

I am a trained health coach, personal trainer, reiki healer, and qualified yoga teacher.  With this blend of skills and knowledge, I will support and guide you and I will encourage you to become actively involved in your own process.  I do not know best.  I don’t teach from a place of authority.  You know you best, always.  I’m here to facilitate a space to support you in remembering that.  To befriend your body and its intelligence once again.  Life happens outside of the gym, outside of the yoga studio.

I prefer to teach you to learn versus teaching you to how to get good at copying.  We are not all the same, the architectures of our bodies are all unique, shaped by our own life experiences.  Whether it’s in the context of a yoga session or on the gym floor, each session is fluid and adaptable to fit you, as you are, in that moment.


You’ll find choice vs cookie cutter/one size fits all approaches.

So who am I when I’m not in the yoga studio or at the gym?  Much the same person!  Who you connect with in these spaces is who I am in my day-to-day life.


I’m a lifelong learner and love spending time reading, listening to podcasts and studying (I’m currently completing The Art of Teaching yoga teacher training with Donna Farhi).  Walking is a daily tonic for me as is journaling and writing poetry. Be sure to check out my musings here.


I live in the beautiful (mostly) sunny Nelson with my very supportive husband and 3 of my greatest teachers, my 3 children.



Steph is gentle, caring, compassionate, empathetic and considerate. She’s pushed me, but only at the pace I could handle. I love that she’s focussed on my long-term health and not just ticking a box off the training ‘template’.

Personal Training Client

Steph creates a safe, welcoming space to explore her unique approach to yoga and even in a group setting, the experience is still so individual. After every class, my mind is calm and quiet and my body feels amazing!

Group Yoga Class

Steph is exactly the kind of teacher you need to guide you home to body and soul. With a focus on breath, gentle movement, embodiment and rest, her classes are a gentle invitation to more presence, awareness and love for yourself and your body. After every class I feel so clear and connected to me.

Group Yoga Class

Steph has taught me to notice the finer details on how our bodies move, leading me to move with more ease on a day to day basis. I have come away with some valuable tools to move and rest my body with awareness and ease.

Group Yoga Class

Steph offers a fantastic, authentic service! We approached Steph about doing a team yoga session as a way of team bonding and also further supporting the mental health of our team. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would 100% recommend Steph's service to anyone - even absolute beginners!

Corporate Yoga Client

Steph has a great understanding of the body and mind. We always work to find the things that resonate well for me and I leave our sessions feeling calm, free and light. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to guide me so far.

Private Yoga Client

I appreciate the way Steph listens and understands what I’m trying to achieve. I feel understood and supported and appreciate how she does ‘her homework’ and brings solutions to our sessions such as nutritional and supplement advice which supports my goals. She keeps me challenged enough to grow but not so challenged that it’s daunting.

Personal Training Client

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