We are always in transition. Life itself is a perpetual series of transitions.
From one season to the next, sun rise to moon rise, from breath to breath.

And yet often we live life tuned out. Our awareness forever chasing the moment of never quite arriving. The ‘ta da’ moments. Fleeting markers in time of when we believe ourselves to be at the top of our figurative mountain.

A life of an illusionary verticality. Always seeking to take just one step higher. That with each step, life will somehow be a little easier.  Yet on arriving at each step we realise we need to take, ‘just one more’. Each ascension never quite yielding the freedom we imagined.

We become imprisoned to the need of forever seeking more. We become imprisoned to the constant need to betterment self – imprisoned to the cycle of never-quite-enough-ness. And in this lived model of verticality, we ironically deny ourselves the very freedom we are seeking.

Perhaps, could we be with life as a continuum. A continuum of expanding and condensing. An oscillation of breath, supporting us as we transition from this moment, to this moment. And this moment. A life that is circular in nature. Renewing. Rejuvenating. A life that offers you to dance with the freedom that is inherently YOU, now. No more ladders to climb. No more ‘just one more thing, before I am free’.

Being freedom now.

For freedom isn’t ours to own, it is ours to embody when we are present. If we are always reaching, gaze turned towards that next step on a self-imagined ladder, we miss noticing our grounded, worthy, presence of now.

Presence is simply inviting an awareness to what is true for us in this moment. Noticing the physical space we are in. Noticing sensations. Sounds. Emotions. Thoughts. Beliefs. Noticing the aliveness of our breath.

And living from here. From your wholeness. From that space of ‘yes you are fucking enough-ness’. You as you are, darling one. Right now.