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“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself”


While the mind benefits from stillness, the body benefits from moving.

If you want to compete in a body-building competition, to tone up, or transform your body in 6 weeks, then I’m not the personal trainer for you. I’m not a personal trainer for everyone.

My clients are typically seeking support for moving with ease and being able to interact with life without limitations.

I can help you if you want to:
♦ Release tension
♦ Develop awareness of and improve your posture
♦ Improve mobility
♦ Strengthen movement patterns
♦ Find an approach to training that is sustainable
♦ Feel heard and supported

As a health coach, I am passionate about your long-term health and love sharing my knowledge about the body, how it moves, and nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support you.

While I will always have a plan, each session is fluid and adaptable to fit you, as you are, in that moment. You may show up and it be clear to me that you would benefit from a gentler session or a meditation, then I will recommend that. You will find choice vs a cookie cutter/one size fits all approach.

Training that meets you where you’re at

In your very first session, you will be met with a genuine interest in getting to know YOU. We’ll cover your health history, current lifestyle, your goals, as well as take you through a movement assessment so that your program is 100% personalised to what your body needs.

Training for long-term health

Having a calm nervous system is the biggest flex. You get to set your thresholds – I will never push you beyond your capacity, I’m not here to ‘break you’. Together, we will create training sessions that speak to a long term, sustainable approach to your training and sense of health and wellbeing.

Balanced Approach

As your coach, I want to support you to get better at life, not just at the gym. I prefer to approach training holistically, bringing awareness to the quality of your sleep, strategies to regulate stress levels, and optimising your nutrition. Simply, I will support you to create the conditions that allow you to continue training, long term.

Move with ease

We don’t build our strength or our mobility, they are granted by our nervous system. During our sessions, you will build a toolkit of ways to release tension, develop an awareness of how you move, improve your posture, and find your inner strength.

If you are interested in exploring personal training with me, I am currently offering online sessions. To find out more information, or to set up a complimentary session with me, please contact me below.

Steph is gentle, caring, compassionate, empathetic and considerate. She’s pushed me, but only at the pace I could handle. I love that she’s focussed on my long-term health and not just ticking a box off the training ‘template’.

Personal Training Client

Steph creates a safe, welcoming space to explore her unique approach to yoga and even in a group setting, the experience is still so individual. After every class, my mind is calm and quiet and my body feels amazing!

Group Yoga Class

Steph is exactly the kind of teacher you need to guide you home to body and soul. With a focus on breath, gentle movement, embodiment and rest, her classes are a gentle invitation to more presence, awareness and love for yourself and your body. After every class I feel so clear and connected to me.

Group Yoga Class

Steph has taught me to notice the finer details on how our bodies move, leading me to move with more ease on a day to day basis. I have come away with some valuable tools to move and rest my body with awareness and ease.

Group Yoga Class

Steph offers a fantastic, authentic service! We approached Steph about doing a team yoga session as a way of team bonding and also further supporting the mental health of our team. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would 100% recommend Steph's service to anyone - even absolute beginners!

Corporate Yoga Client

Steph has a great understanding of the body and mind. We always work to find the things that resonate well for me and I leave our sessions feeling calm, free and light. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to guide me so far.

Private Yoga Client

I appreciate the way Steph listens and understands what I’m trying to achieve. I feel understood and supported and appreciate how she does ‘her homework’ and brings solutions to our sessions such as nutritional and supplement advice which supports my goals. She keeps me challenged enough to grow but not so challenged that it’s daunting.

Personal Training Client

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