Hello lovely humans,

There is a quiet beckoning to slow down with this season. To yield into the deep nourishment that arises with less. Less productivity. Less striving. Less pushing.

A time to perhaps nurture that which will be birthed in Spring, when an upsurge in energy arrives. When warmth bathes the earth and the fabric of winter wrapped so tenderly over the sleeping trees is drawn back.

Alongside the nourishing slowness of the season can be a sense of bracing and gripping. The cooler temperatures inviting us to wear lots of layers of clothing, draping our beings with a heaviness that can change the way we move.

Over the years I have curated self-practices that honour this season. Practices that nourish the immune system and support a sense of vitality. Movements that maintain ease within our tissues and joints and then actively resting, not collapsing.

If having space held to gently move and deeply rest resonates with you, I have 4 sessions available (details below).

Be well,
Steph x


A practice to honour the season

The Winter Rest sessions will be on Thursday, 28 July and Sunday, 31 July, with spaces available at: 10am and 1pm on each day.

Each session includes:

  • 15 minute connection prior to the session (either via Zoom or phone)
    • Allowing your session to be uniquely curated to support you
  • 75 minute Winter Rest session
    • Your whole being will be nourished with a blend of tension releasing practices; gentle movement; meditation and restorative yoga.
    • These sessions are one to one, in person sessions at The Movement Studio, Nelson.

Investment for one of these sessions is: $75

If you’d like to claim a space and say YES to nourishing YOU, let me know by clicking the link below.

Yes, I’d love to rest