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“The way we embody is going to be totally different. There’s not a perfect specimen, there is just your balance.  To be comfortable in your own person”


I started yoga initially to escape life, and to be honest, to get a ‘yoga body’.  Yet in the practice of yoga, I met myself again.  I remembered what it was to have a body.  To feel.

Life has this way of calling us up and out and forward, extending and reaching outside of ourselves.  Society even values it.  When we spend too much time here though, we can lose our way, the elasticity to come back in.  Yoga is the antidote to this.  The practice that reminds us to come back down and in.  To rest.  To resource.  To renew.

I’m a yoga teacher who won’t promise you a peachy butt or toned anything.  I’ll promise you delight and surprise by what you feel when you remember how to feel again.  And all of the aliveness that comes with that.

Space to breathe

Yoga is that practice that reminds us to slow down.  That less is sometimes more.  In a world where we are always doing, it is the tonic that brings us back to the present moment, back to the breath, back to the body.  Back to being.

A sense of calm

It is virtually impossible to be with a sense of calm when we are breathing really, really, quickly. Yoga can support slowing the breath down, which can have a profound impact on our nervous system, particularly the parasympathetic branch which supports that rest, repair and renewal that is so essential to our wellbeing.

Freedom and Ease

The essence of yoga is about cultivating freedom and ease within the body – all the freedom it needs. It is a practice for everybody. You don’t need to have the latest lululemon, or to be able to touch your toes, or wrap your body into the shape of a pretzel, to know freedom. Freedom and ease are our true nature – yoga can remind us of that.

An invitation to be present to life

We spend a lot of our waking time, disconnected from our body. Rushing from place to place with an often distracted mind, one that is replaying the past or worrying about future things that haven’t yet happened. Or… we collapse. We get better at life by being present to it. Yoga reminds us to come back home. To be with life.

Balance and strength

We don’t build strength, or balance, or mobility. The nervous system grants it. With this approach to yoga, you will be invited to reconnect with the parts of you that are always stable, and that are always accessible. Moving from the inside out, offers a new experience in the way you move, and often without having it as your direct intention, the body responds in a way that restores balance, grants mobility, and remembers its innate strength.

You can practice with me either in a group format, private 1:1 sessions or perhaps with your work colleagues in a corporate wellness session.

yoga packages


Boutique Group Classes

These classes are currently paused for
the rest of the year.

Fridays, 9.30am – 10.30am
at Miki D’s Yoga Studio

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In a Contemporary Yoga class with Steph, you’ll find an invitation to explore movement from the inside out as she supports you in developing an awareness of your own internal landscape of sensations and emotions.

Each class is infused with elements of meditation, learning, joy, flow, balance and rest. Gently inviting participants to develop a sense of freedom and ease within their breath and movements.

* Spaces in class are limited to 6 people to allow for a deeper immersion into your practice.

Private Yoga Sessions

Package of 3 sessions
$250 investment

If you’re new to yoga, or have lost connection to your own practice, private 1:1 sessions can be a helpful space to begin. These sessions will be curated to personally support you in finding confidence, developing your own personal practice and an awareness of self.

Session 1 – 75mins duration
An initial assessment to gather clarity around your goals, breath, postural and movement patterns, present perception of wellbeing, and relevant health history.

Session 2 – 60mins duration
Guiding you through a yoga practice that has been personally curated for you based on the information gathered in session one.

Session 3 – 60mins duration
Checking in to see how your practice is developing, and supporting you with any necessary modifications or progressions.

Corporate Offerings

Corporate Wellness Sessions


The humans who work in your business are your business. The modern work environment can be overwhelming not only posturally for our body, but also to the mind.

In a corporate wellness session, we may explore movements to release tension in the upper body and neck; and to enhance focus and clarity in the mind. Awareness to posture, breathing patterns as well as rest will often also be woven into each session.
Sessions are held at Miki D’s Yoga Studio.

“Steph offers a fantastic, authentic service! We approached Steph about doing a team yoga session as a way of team bonding and also further supporting the mental health of our team. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would 100% recommend Steph’s service to anyone – even absolute beginners.” – Hayden Brown

Steph is gentle, caring, compassionate, empathetic and considerate. She’s pushed me, but only at the pace I could handle. I love that she’s focussed on my long-term health and not just ticking a box off the training ‘template’.

Personal Training Client

Steph creates a safe, welcoming space to explore her unique approach to yoga and even in a group setting, the experience is still so individual. After every class, my mind is calm and quiet and my body feels amazing!

Group Yoga Class

Steph is exactly the kind of teacher you need to guide you home to body and soul. With a focus on breath, gentle movement, embodiment and rest, her classes are a gentle invitation to more presence, awareness and love for yourself and your body. After every class I feel so clear and connected to me.

Group Yoga Class

Steph has taught me to notice the finer details on how our bodies move, leading me to move with more ease on a day to day basis. I have come away with some valuable tools to move and rest my body with awareness and ease.

Group Yoga Class

Steph offers a fantastic, authentic service! We approached Steph about doing a team yoga session as a way of team bonding and also further supporting the mental health of our team. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would 100% recommend Steph's service to anyone - even absolute beginners!

Corporate Yoga Client

Steph has a great understanding of the body and mind. We always work to find the things that resonate well for me and I leave our sessions feeling calm, free and light. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to guide me so far.

Private Yoga Client

I appreciate the way Steph listens and understands what I’m trying to achieve. I feel understood and supported and appreciate how she does ‘her homework’ and brings solutions to our sessions such as nutritional and supplement advice which supports my goals. She keeps me challenged enough to grow but not so challenged that it’s daunting.

Personal Training Client

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